Fall 2018 Kick and Chase Program

Fall 2018 Registration is Closed

Fall 2019 Registration is Coming Soon

Questions? Email Shaun at registrar@jacksonscpdx.org


  • Practices will be held Friday afternoon/evening between 4 and 7 pm for one hour at the school closest to your house.
  • During registration, indicate the school your player will attend in the fall.
  • Practices are optional.


  • Games will be at 9am on Saturday mornings for the girls and at 10am for the boys at Stephenson Elementary.
  • Games start September 8th and end October 27th


  • $50 Per Player


  • Uniforms not required for Kick & Chase participants.
  • Participants should bring a size 3 ball, water, cleats, and shinguards to each practice and game.

Team Sizes

  • U5 & U6 (Pre-k & Kindergarten): 2v2 or 3v3 - Max Roster 12 - Games played within the JSC Kick & Chase program
  • U7 (1st Grade): 3v3 (two simultaneous games) - Max Roster 12
  • U8 (2nd Grade): 4v4 (two simultaneous games) - Max Roster 14
  • U9 / U10 (3rd / 4th Grade): 7v7 - Max Roster 14
  • U11 / U12 (5th / 6th Grade): 9v9 - Max Roster 18
  • U13 / U14 (7th / 8th Grade): 11v11 - Max Roster 18

Game Formats

Grade Game Ball Size Time(Min) Goal Size Field Size(yds) Goalkeeper
Pre-K/K Play within their club
1st 3v3 - 2 teams #3 40 4x5 pop-up 30x20 No
2nd 4v4 - 2 teams #4 40 4x5 pop-up 40x30 No
3rd/4th 7v7 #4 50 6'x18' 55x40 Yes
5th/6th 9v9 #4 60 8'x24' 70x50 Yes
7th/8th 11v11 #5 70 8'x24' 110x70 Yes

Registraion Guidelines

  • The registration deadline for Kick & Chase is September 1st.
  • During registration, please indicate if you have a team, friend, or coach request. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but there is no guarantee that they will be fulfilled.
  • Players will register in their grade and gender, and they will be assigned to teams by school and based on the requests made during registration.

Questions? All registration questions should be directed to the registrar at: registrar@jacksonscpdx.org