For JSC Coaches

Jackson Soccer Club

The JSC Board wants to enable our coaches to provide their players a positive experience where they can learn the game of soccer and grow as a young person. We encourage our coaches to go to as many coaching clinics that are made available to you. Use this page as much as possible to provide the right environment for your players and represent JSC in a positive manner.

If there is information you can't find here please let us know and we will make sure that it gets put on here.

Any parent working with the team in any capacity must register as a Coach/Volunteer on the JSC Website. A background check will be done automatically through PYSA, all of your information is protected from outside access. Once you are cleared you will be able to work with your team. Coaches must register every fall and spring.

Contact Nelson @

Fall Coach's Meeting - TBD

Team Formation

Parents will register their players directly through the JSC website. Players are registered by grade.

Any player that wants to play on your team MUST be registered on the JSC website.

Teams will be formed by school on a first come first served basis.

Players will be auto rostered to the previous year's team. Players in the spring will also be auto rostered back to their fall teams but teams can be combined based on numbers.

The JSC registrar is responsible for registering teams with PYSA in the fall and spring, and for the PYSA tournament in the fall.

Recommended Team Size
JSC Registrar will strive to make teams to the minimum size possible to ensure more attention at practice and playing time at games.

U7 - 10 players, max 12
U8/9/10 - 12 players, max 14
U11/12 - 16 players, max 18
U13/14 - 16 players, max 18

Assistant Coaches and Team Parent
In addition to a Head Coach, we require all teams to have at least 1 assistant coach. The team parent can help coordinate communication, pre and post season parties, team photos, game field set-up, and post game snacks. We want to make sure the coaches can dedicate as much time as possible to coaching the players.

All volunteers that have contact with the players must register on the JSC website and pass a background check.

Roster Access/Communication Tool

Once teams are formed the JSC Registrar will turn on Bonzi team. You will recieve an email with an invite code.

You can email your families with Team Connect as well as set up a calendar and post announcements.

  • All League games will automatically upload to your Bonzi Team Schedule
  • Even if your families do not accept their invite for Teamstream they still get your emails

Team Connect Help for Coaches

Coaches Gear

JSC will provide every team gear to get through the season. The coaches packet includes: cones, ball bag, pump, first aid kit, net, corner flags.

Players are required to bring their own ball to practice.

Please contact Mike Machinski for coaches gear questions.

Team Notebook

Each coach should have a team notebook available at all practices and games that has the following items:

  • Medical Release for each player
    • Printed from Bonzi Team (Click Roster then Print Options)
  • Practice Field Permits (Emailed by club registrar)
  • Roster with contact information
    • Printed from Bonzi Team (Click Roster then Print Options