Game Day

Jackson Soccer Club

Field Set-Up:

Teams are responsible for setting up one half of the field on game days, including net and corner flags. We recommend that the team has an equipment person(s) that can set up the field while you warm-up your players for the game.

Game Tips:

Use your game warm-up as a mini practice.

Make sure for the development of your players that you rotate players through multiple positions and that all players get the same amount of playing time.

Don't over coach in games. Your time is during practice, we want the players to own the games.

Keep your half time talk to 1 or 2 points, and let the kids go home after the game without having a long lecture.

Game Formats:


Game Ball Size Game Time(Min) Goal Size Field Size(yds) Goalkeeper
U6 Kindergarten players play within their club or within a regional micro program
U7 3v3 - 2 teams #3 40 4x5 pop-up 30x20 No
U8 4v4 - 2 teams #4 40 4x5 pop-up 40x30 No
U9/10 7v7 #4 50 6'x18' 55x40 Yes
U11/12 9v9 #4 60 8'x24' 70x50 Yes
U13/14 11v11 #5 70 8'x24' 110x70 Yes
HS 11v11 #5 80 8'x24' 110x70 Yes

Game Day Rosters:
Coaches must provide the referee a Game Day Roster for each game. You can access your Game Day Roster by clicking Schedule in Bonzi Team then click on the game.

GDR Computer Instructions GDR Iphone Instructions GDR Mobile

Only the coaches and players listed on the roster can participate in that game. You can add guest players to your roster, you can also use your phone at the field! If you need a guest coach added please contact the JSC Registrar.

All Jersey's are available at the Lake Oswego Tursi's Soccer Supply.

  • 3970 Merchantile on the corner of Kruse Way and Lower Boones Ferry Road
  • You can collect any uniforms from players not playing again next season and turn them into the equipment manager at the end of the season

Need to Borrow Players:
It is okay to borrow players as long as you know they are registered PYSA players, irregardless of which club they play for. You can borrow players that are the same age/grade as your team or one year below you. If you know ahead of time that you may be short please contact one of your fellow JSC coaches.

Blowout Policy:

At no point should you allow your team to blowout another team. There are various ways to avoid a blowout:

  • remove a player
  • have the other team add a player
  • take off your goal scorers or put them in goal or defense
  • 10 passes before you can shoot
  • Shoot from outside the goal box only
  • Score from crosses only