Jackson Soccer Club

Coaching Education

Jackson SC highly encourages all of its coaches to participate in the free coaching clinics that are put on by OYSA. Coaches have the ability to improve their players the most during training sessions. If the coach can provide age appropriate soccer instructions and structure for their teams then the kids will get the most out of the time spent with thier coach, making our kids the best they can be and they will enjoy playing soccer even more.

PYSA Coaching Education Page
OYSA Coaching Education Page - Coaching Clinics found here
USSF F License - Online Course - $25
Portland Timbers/Thorns Recreational Curriculum

Heat Guidelines

Below are our list of recommendations for practices, please use this information to provide your players the best experience possible for practice.

We remind all of our coaches that we want you to help develop players in a way that they can enjoy soccer for many years to come, not just to win. Rec Soccer is a place for kids to play soccer with friends and have fun, once we lose a grip on that we will lose kids.

Practice Place/Time

  • Coaches will get to sign up for training times with the club registrar via email.
    • We have 5 fields in the Jackson area for you to train at:
      • April Hill, Burlingame, Jackson MS, Markham, Stephenson
    • Pleae print off your field permits and put them in your coaching notebook
  • Practice Length/Times per week:
    • U6 - 60 minutes - 2
    • U7/8 - 75 minutes - 2
    • U9/14 - 90 minutes - 2

Practice Plans/Tips

U6 to U8 - Practices should be based on fun games with every player having a ball at thier feet. You can also build in basic motor skills along with ball handling and control.

U9 to U12 - This is the age of learning and where technique should be the focus. Individual attacking skills as well as passing should be the focus. Use small sided games to teach basic attacking and defending principles. In games players should be rotated through positions. Add speed, coordination, balance, and agility to your training sessions to promote physical growth.

U13/14 - More game orientated practices with a variety of techniques being practiced.


  • No Lines, No Laps, No Lectures
  • End each practice with 30 minutes of free play with no coaching
  • The kids are there to have fun, create that environment for them!
  • "Easy Practice" free app with games and tips for coaches

Book of Games

Skill School Booklet

Sample Practice Plans

  • coming soon